choreography and direction  Micha van Hoecke 

musical direction Fabio Castaldi 

scenes Benito Leonori 

costumes Anna Biagiotti 

lights Alessandro 

audio  Maurizio Capitini 

video Andrea Arnese 

laser show Riccardo Berti

Company Daniele Cipriani 

guest Denys Ganio 

soloists and dance troupe Alessandro Burini, Andrea Caleffi, Benedetta Comandini, Umberto Desantis, Susanna Elviretti, Maria Vittoria Frascarelli, Mattia Ignomiriello, Ilaria Grisanti, Marco Lo Presti, Francesco Moro, Davide Pietroniro, Lara Rocco, Madoka Sasaki, Mattia Tortora 

maître de ballet Stefania Di Cosmo 

assistants to the choreographer Miki Matsuse, Stefania Di Cosmo and Riccardo Di Cosmo

Pink Floyd Legend

Fabio Castaldi bass , vocals

Alessandro Errichetti guitar, vocals

Emanuele Esposito drums

Simone Temporali keyboards, vocals

Paolo Angioi acoustic, electric and 12-string guitar, bass, vocals

with Michele Leiss saxophone,

backing singers Martina Pelosi, Sonia Russino, Giorgia Zaccagni

screen footage & audio effects Andrea Arnese 

Daniele Cipriani Entertainment sc and Menti Associate of Gilda Petronelli, in co-production with Pergolesi Spontini Foundation of Jesi seamstress Elena De Angelis service Event Project 

toolmaker Raffaele Berazzi

tour manager Giulia Pasquini 

press offices Simonetta Allder, Fabiana Manuelli

Shine! Pink Floyd Moon

For this production, the Russian-Belgian choreographer, Micha van Hoecke was inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the legendary band, Pink Floyd.

The ballet starts with the song 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond': Roger Waters and the other band members honour the leader, Syd Barrett, who is lost in the depths of his mental disorders. However, here the madness is transformed into light enchantment and a journey back to Micha's young years that were influenced by rock music and dance. 

Daniele Cipriani’s dance company, together with Pink Floyd Legend, a brilliant Italian Pink Floyd 'matrix' band, make a visual and auditory encounter that is crowded with poetic shadows through which the experience speaks to us of hope.

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